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We're proud to have been part of the global digital evolution – a rapid growth in the tech industry – since 2010.

We started as a design and web development team in an IT company called HIDDENDATA. We were involved in the development of many complex IT solutions for our clients, and we even built a few products of our own.
Over the years, we collected "uber" valuable knowledge by working with many talented developers. We discovered some brilliant startup ideas and were fortunate to have been regularly inspired by the robust business strategies of our clients. We worked with most of the leading technologies and frameworks in the industry, from native programming, to back-end web solutions, to the rapidly growing front-end/JavaScript coding and tools. We fell in love with Agile, and the feat of creating the perfect product development lifecycle was constantly on our minds.

During the first few years that our team spent together, the world began to change.
"So, I’ve got a confession to make: When we started working on the new Boston Globe website, we had never designed a responsive site before."
(from "How to Approach a Responsive Design," a Boston Globe responsive design case study)

During this time, we started to discover RWD and the user-centered design methodology for real. We began to gain an understanding of how UI & UX design is crucial for delivering the successful solutions of the future. And that means getting business strategy in line with a unique user journey. Encouraging engaging experiences, creating interactive details, and pushing pixels to the limit. Making code magic in the browser to achieve the client's design and interaction goals.

We wanted to be part of those changes so that we could educate startups and businesses and support them with our knowledge. Soon after that, we started hearing the "sound," dreaming about the perfect app, tinkering with the creation of a unique interface. And that's how we first built our brand, User Interface Graphics Studio, aka UIG Studio.

We're still keeping up and getting ahead, hungry for the sound.
Welcome to UIG Studio.

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To do something awesome, you need an awesome Human. To make something big, you need an awesome Team. We're lucky to have both.

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