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React JS Development

Build your next web application or hybrid mobile app with React JS.

Developing React JS apps with pleasing UX is a core part of our expertise at UIG Studio.

Build your next app with React JS, an open-source JavaScript framework created by Facebook.

From the biggest social apps to integrated design systems, React JS development has helped companies solve the hardest tech challenges.

Thanks to our extensive experience in React JS development and UX/UI design, we know how to build high-performing apps with delightful UX, and push this technology to its absolute limits.

What Companies Use React JS?

Top companies trust React JS to provide the best tech solutions for their business. Check out how they use React JS technology every day.


Facebook developed React JS as early as 2011 and have been actively using it since. Large portions of the web client utilize React JS thoroughly.
The company that uses React JS development - Netflix


High performance is the core of Netflix’s business model. Opting for React JS development cut time-to-interactive waits down by 50% on the website.


Medium, a website that constantly updates with new content and supports a growing community, uses React for fast development and a highly responsive service.
The company that uses React JS development - Udemy


Similar to Medium, Udemy is another high-content website that supports user’s needs by quickly adapting and supporting the business model with React JS development.
The company that uses React JS development - Instagram


Although owned by Facebook, Instagram uses React extensively, from API requests to Google Maps to search and tagging functionality - all enabled through the framework.
The company that uses React JS development - Atlassian


Atlassian, the creators of Confluence, Jira and more, favor React JS development - it’s used both for internal projects and external services.

Why Is It Good For Your App To Use React JS?

If you prefer a resource-light approach and want a development project that is accessible and quick to deploy - both now and in the future - React JS has a lot to offer.

It’s well supported, regularly updated and highly adaptable. Whether you’re building an entire web application, a new mobile component or even a standalone SPA, React JS development has much to offer.

For more advanced challenges, React JS also pairs nicely with React Native. Not only do both use JavaScript, but React Native also uses React JS for base abstraction - leading to two very coherent solutions. This is best for more mobile-specific solutions, where native support is a larger requirement.

Our employees love React JS development.

Our Biggest Mistake Was Betting Too Much On HTML5

He promised that Facebook would deliver better mobile experiences very soon.
(2012, Sept 8-12: TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco)

Mark Zuckerberg
CEO at Facebook

React JS for Web

At its core, React was built for web pages and applications. Even now, it’s benefits are hard to ignore. From front-end development and SEO Visibility to better performance among various devices - get to know how React JS benefit web pages.

Exceptional UX

React JS is designed for amazing frontend development, with fast, performant solutions. It results in products that never get in the user’s way - letting your products and business speak for themselves.

SEO Visibility

JavaScript is one of the core languages of the internet, alongside HTML. Search Engines know how to read JavaScript and React JS development makes your websites and pages more readable - leading to better ranking and SEO results.

Cross-Platform Support

As we move into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), the lines between mobile and web become increasingly blurred. React JS is becoming popular because is able to thrive on a variety of platforms without cutting quality.

Hybrid Support

Want to create something across numerous devices, but don’t want the restrictions of native development? React JS is a widely supported JavaScript framework that can bring its benefits almost anywhere.

Fast Loading

React JS uses partial loading when it comes to its Virtual DOM (Domain Object Model). Because of this, React JS development cultivates better performance and improved results.

Fast Development

Want to make (Single Page Applications SPAs) or smaller web-native applications? React JS is easy to get started and get highly performant solutions up in no time.

Other Benefits of React JS

Although we mentioned many benefits and examples of React JS, there are 3 more points that cannot be overlooked.


Reusable Components

Need to develop an MVP or PoC quickly? Perhaps you just want a faster time-to-market. As one of the larger JS libraries out there, React JS lets you immediately get your base code established, using existing components to rapidly build the essentials and focus on the unique features.


Future Proof

React JS is well supported and continues to grow. It’s used by some of the biggest names and is one of the most popular options among developers. In short - it’s not going away and you won’t find yourself without support.


Component-Based Approach

Having everything in components helps to keep the UI clearly organized. Not only does this help in development and performance, but this structure also makes React JS development a great tool for even more advanced solutions, such as Design Systems.

What is Redux?

The idea of Redux is that the entire app state is held in one store. A store is just a javascript object. There is the only way to modify the state is by firing actions from the app and then writing reducers for these actions that change the state. The entire state transition is held inside reducers and shouldn't have any side-effects.

Redux is based on the idea that there should be only one source of truth for the app state, be it UI state like which tab is active or data state like the user profile details.

What are the benefits of using Redux?

The biggest benefits of using Redux are below:

1. Maintainability
2. Ease of testing
3. Organization
4. Developer tools
4. Server-side rendering
5. Predictability of outcome
6. Community support

When Should You Consider Using React JS?

With all the benefits being said, how do you know when is the best time to use React JS for your business? Contact us to get free consultation for your company!

Community support

When you want to rely on technology that’s readily supported and is loved by developers

High-quality UI

When you appreciate reactive and high-quality UI - and understand the benefits this brings to the end-user


When performance is a critical issue to your website or application, React JS is perfect to get highly performant solutions


When you plan to build a mobile app in the future, using React JS and React native as a dev stack will be much more easier and more cost-effective

If these are your concerns, React JS development is certainly the answer.

It cuts time and resources down immensely, yet leaves your product open to continued innovation through constant support, high performance, and future-friendly compatibility.

As a React JS development company, we can help you with the entire process. Our React services include React JS consulting and React app development; from conception to critical acclaim, we’ll help you at every step.

Bart Cywinski
 - Business Development Director
Bart Cywinski - React developer and consultant

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