1. We listen to you
and your needs.


2. We understand the real
scope of work.

3. We build the proper

Success stories

Recipes created, solutions delivered, and stories told.

We've collected a set of inspiring examples to help you get a feel for our work. Each case study is about something unique. Erlang Solutions is a case study involving the dedicated design & front-end development process for a design-oriented client and multi-team development. Printbox shows how deeply we can delve into a startup's product, workflow & culture, regularly providing a high range of services with a fair service agreement. WiredAvenue is a good example of successful vendor collaboration with a mobile development company – dedicated workflow, process, & tools for delivering high-quality UI & UX design to mobile app clients. Find an example that inspires you to dream big.

Getting things done

Delivering successful solutions requires a proper set of tools. From the beginning, we've been involved in the development of many complex IT solutions while also building a few of our own. We've collected a failsafe set of tools to help you on the path to success.

Prototyping tools
Paper Principle InVision UXPin Framer Axure Overflow
Design Tools
Sketch Figma InVision DSM Manager Adobe XD Zeplin Storybook Abstract Craft Marvel Webflow
Front-end / JS tools
SASS / LESS React.js Foundation / Bootstrap Angular Webpack TypeScript ESLint Prettier Jest / Enzyme Redux / MobX
Web & Mobile tools
React Native PHP PHPUnit PHPStan Composer OpenAPI PostgreSQL / MySQL Docker Ansible AWS REST Api Symfony Node.js Python - Django

Meeting Your Needs

Achieving success requires more than sharp skills. It's the culture of asking questions, understanding things, and solving problems. It involves a continuous, frank, and transparent dialogue with our core team member – you. It's Agile. It's also a clear & friendly set of cooperation rules and works settlement forms.

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Real live

Regular daily or weekly status calls. Awesome slack integration. Hangouts nights. Whatever it takes to achieve a real, live communication channel with you.


& collaboration

We have the right attitude and the right tools to take the quality of cooperation to the next level. Your feedback is the most important thing – and we want to hear it!

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A methodology
that works

We've got Agile down pat, and our multidisciplinary approach ensures that your product is supported throughout its whole development lifecycle. It's 100% proven – try and prove us wrong.


Rules & plans
for cooperation

We've prepared a few dedicated models and guidelines to match your needs so that we can work smoothly with your company from the very start.

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